Going freelance again

After 2 awesome years at rainforest I’m freelance again. It’s been an awesome ride, full of hard work and San Francisco fun. We were about 8 people when I joined and now rainforest consists of over 60 people (I lost count). I miss the buzz of an early stage startup and so I’m very excited to be on my own again, there’s a lot of opportunities that come my way this year and I intend to make the most of it!

Here’s a couple of things that I’m doing this year (or have already started doing):

  • Contracting/Consulting for early stage startups.
  • Helping companies build awesome shit with react.
  • Speaking at a few conferences (again).
  • Launching narrowly positioned services on my own and together with like-minded individuals like my good friend Jean Phillipe-Boily.
  • More blogging.

If you need a seasoned JavaScript engineer/consultant to help you build awesome browser-apps get in touch! julian [at] goodafternoon [dot] co.